Wanderlust Yoga Festival and Retail Merchandise

Wanderlust is a globe-trotting Yoga and Musical Festival that celebrates life, as well as a lifestyle center with locations in Hollywood, Squaw Valley, Austin and Montreal. Wanderlust merchandise is known for it’s free spirit feel, billowing comfort and dynamic designs. Our trained Customer Care Experts has worked extensively with Wanderlust to nail the vibe and aesthetic that pushes Wanderlust to new heights daily. Our printing department uses waterbased inks, for that barely there feel, and our Customer Care Experts have sourced the finest custom cut and sew, eco-friendly blanks to embolden Wanderlust’s statement.

With subtle gradients, metallic ink, and the softest printing techniques, we’re incredibly proud to be able to help shape Wanderlust’s message of positivity and life through their merchandise.

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Wanderlust Yoga Festival Merch 2016

Owning a print shop introduces me to so many amazing things in the world I never knew about. My friends at Groceries Apparel introduced us to the incredible yoga company Wanderlust. We’re currently printing all of their merch for the 108 events which include a 5k run, yoga, music and more holistic events. I believe this is an amazing event for the spiritual warrior in all of us to participate in. Feel free to wander on over to the Wanderlust shop and check the schedule to participate inĀ an event coming to you in the near future.

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