Holiday Brand Favorites with Nick Lenzini

Nick Lenzini is the mastermind behind the brand Holiday, a wildly popular Los Angeles-based streetwear line inspired by the 90s, by music, and by anything else Nick dreams up.

You may know Nick as the stylist and merch guy for Brockhampton, which would be more than a full-time gig for most, but Nick isn’t like most people. Holiday is his band and his identity. Holiday is based around the concept of releasing a new line of limited edition streetwear items (and much more) every major Holiday.

These are some of our favorite prints showcasing Plastisol Inks, Waterbased Inks, DTG Printing, Sim-Process Printing, and our Finishing Services, with some of our favorite blanks of all-time, like Comfort Colors, Independent, and more.

Printing with Plastisol Inks

level press plastisol inksSometimes clients cringe a little when they hear Plastisol – We get it! The old way of printing with Plastisol was cumbersome and thick, resulting in heavy feeling prints. But we’re going to make a bold statement, we LOVE Plastisol, and a big reason for that is because we know how to use it.

Plastisol does not have to be thick or heavy. You’ve just gotta know how to use it, and with a combined 20+ years of printing experience in the Level Press Printing Factories, we’re well equipped to make your Plastisol prints with that bright and colorful Plastisol Pop but with a soft vintage feel. One of the quickest ways to soften your Plastisol ink is to use a product that’s meant to achieve the task. There are soft-hand additives that are manufacturer specifically for the job, or you can thin your ink out with a reducer, but we also utilize a Soft-Hand Printing Technique, by our expert printers for that barely-there feel.

A whisper on a t-shirt. An old favorite. A bold favorite. Those are just a few of the reviews our Plastisol prints have gotten.

So what are the benefits of using plastisol?

  • Plastisol Inks create BOLD and VIVID Prints
  • Plastisol Inks don’t dry out during the printing process, resulting in costly adjustments and delays in your production
  • MODIFICATIONS! Reducers for vintage feel. Glitter for a sparkling touch. Suede for a truly unique print. Level Press Plastisols do it all.
  • Quick Printing — Wet on Wet, Underbases, Flash Cured Underbases. Plastisol is made for the busy printer (us!)
  • Environmentally Friendly and Easy Disposal!

Call a friendly Level Press Customer Care Specialist today to get started with your Plastisol Printing Experts.

Level Press Customs | Tennis Balls

Serve up something truly unique – Customized Tennis Balls.

We’re in love with these custom printed Tennis Balls we recently cranked out for Holiday Brand. Even if you don’t have the most physically active fanbase, it’s the one piece of merch that they’ll willingly share with their pooch.

We use a 1 color direct printing technique that manages to showcase even fine detail on the fuzzy yellow center of each ball.

Stay active, and stay on brand!

Contact a highly trained, friendly Level Press professional today to get started on your unique extra.

level-press-holiday-tennis-ball-custom level-press-holiday-tennis-ball-custom-02 level-press-holiday-tennis-ball-custom-03

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing for Lithuanian Artist Kot Bonkers

So what exactly is DTG printing?

First, it stands for Direct to Garment but is sometimes referred to as Digital Garment printingDigital Apparel printing, and Inkjet to Garment printingDTG printing is a process of printing graphics onto textiles and garments. For our use, t-shirts. It uses modified inkjet technology to print whatever graphic you want onto the shirt. Think of it like a giant inkjet printer.

There’s no screens, no tubs of ink, and no giant printing presses — This results in quicker turn around time for smaller quantities.

Direct to garment printing or DTG is a great alternative to screen printing when printing highly detailed illustrations, pictures and graphics with a lot of gradients on apparel. It’s not the best option for high volume production due to the much more labor intensive process compared to screen printing. However, it’s a great option for very low volume orders and sampling.

DTG is a relatively new technology that allows for a lot of variations compared to regular screen printing. With Level Press DTG we can print over 16 million colors directly to your garment. The ink is environmentally friendly, dries quickly, and long lasting. The Premium Standard DTG inks we use eliminate cracking, fading, or peeling, and after a wash or two, feel like an old favorite while retaining bright colors and incredible detail.

Check out our latest YouTube release, featuring Lithuanian Artist Kot Bonkers (Tumblr, Society 9 Online Store)


Brockhampton Limited Edition El Rey Prom Merch

Brockhampton created history last December by selling out the El Rey in Los Angeles 3 nights in a row. It was a wild goal, met with vivid enthusiasm from fans, who greeted the group coming off their incredibly successfull Love Your Parents tour.

Not satisfied with just offering their fans killer performances, they stepped it up and designed El Rey exclusive merchandise, including a Prom T-Shirt and Hoodie, and Sold Out El Rey Long Sleeve T-Shirt. These blanks were hand-inspected by members of the band to ensure they meet their standards of quality.

The Sold Out Long Sleeve used Simulated Process (Sim Process) printing to create the photographic quality right chest, to go along with a 2 color pocket print, a 1 color sleeve, and custom size tags.

The Prom T-Shirt and Hoodie also used Sim-Process printing for a photographic quality center chest, recreating the photo provided perfectly.

These items, in keeping with the El Rey theme, sold out almost immediately.

Were you lucky enough to cop one, both, or even all 3? We hope so, because these are some of the hardest to find Brockhampton collectors items and will surely get even more sought-after as the band continues to rise to the top.

brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-1 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-3 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-4 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-5 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-t-shirt-1 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-t-shirt-2 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-t-shirt-4

Level Press Customs | Hats and Dad Caps

Dad Caps are back in a big way. This time-tested classic has made a huge comeback in the last few years, as a stylish accessory to high-end outerwear, or as a throw-n-go essential for day to day activities. Whether you’re racing to 7/11 for some snacks, playing a few rounds of Golf at the park, or sneaking around the paparazzi, the Dad Cap can’t be beat.

We use the latest embroidery technology with multi-head production allowing for a wide-variety of thread colors, attention to fine detail, and a finished product built to last, and we are fully stocked with dad caps, baseball caps, 6 panels, flat brims, beanies, skate styles, and MORE. If you’ve seen it, when can do it.

Give us a call today to speak to one of our Custom Care Specialists who will guide you through every step of the process.

brockhampton-love-your-parents-hat-1 brockhampton-love-your-parents-hat-2 hammer-hat-2 sembly-hat-1

Level Press Customs | Journals

You’re a creative, you’re artistic, and you’re always writing. We bet your fans are too.

Why not offer them something beyond the basic printed goods? We offer a full catalog of journals for embossing, debossing, and printing, in all colors, sizes and styles.

The hottest boy-band on the planet Brockhampton picked up these Ambassador Bound Journal Book , and a handy size of 8-3/8” x 5-1/2”, and debossed with the iconic Couch logo.

Contact a highly trained, friendly Level Press professional today to get started on your merchandising empire! brockhampton-merch-debossed-journal-02 brockhampton-merch-debossed-journal-03 brockhampton-merch-debossed-journal-04

Level Press Customs | Beanies and Knit Caps

Beanies and Knit Caps are a fun, funky alternative to boring headwear. Everyone looks cool in a sleek, embroidered beanie no matter the temperature outside – all you need to pull off a summer beanie is confidence and a little attitude, and when it’s chilly out, there’s no better choice. Replace that favorite old Dad Cap with a beefed up alternative.

It’s a stylish statement we specialize in embroidering. Our multi-hoop, multi-head embroidery machines utilize the latest technology to ensure vibrant, bright stitching, with the ultimate attention to fine detail. We carry a full stock of thread colors, and all colors and styles of beanies and knit caps.

Our specialized Customer Care team will work with you to create a statement for your brand. Give us a call today to stay warm while looking cool.

brockhampton-doodle-beanie-1 brockhampton-doodle-beanie-2 brockhampton-doodle-orange-beanie1 brockhampton-doodle-orange-beanie-2 brockhampton-i-heart-beanie-1 brockhampton-i-heart-beanie-2

Level Press Customs | Merch Bags

You’ve got your expertly printed t-shirts from Level Press and you’re ready to make a statement. Your artwork is amazing, your blanks are the softest things you’ve ever felt, and you’ve even got custom tags — But, are you still missing something?

Send your fans home with something a little extra, a custom printed merchandise bag!

We specialize in fully custom merchandise bags, with our most popular selection being the 12″ x 15″ medium sized merchandise bag with a 1 color, single-sided imprint, but we can work with you if you’ve got a bigger, bolder vision. That’s our specialty.

Contact a highly trained, friendly Level Press professional today to get started on your ultimate finishing touch.

Here are just a few of our favorites from recent line launches:


brockhampton-love-your-parents-merch-bag holiday-easter-merch-bag holiday-christmas-merch-bagbrockhampton-stereo-spirit-merch-bag

Bootleg Gucci Shirts: Adam Vourvoulis x Marissa Ross Collaboration Launch for Vin de California

vdc-adam-vourvoulis-merchWine can be a stuffy business, with an air of snobbery and sophistication, it can scare away even the most vino-curious. Why isn’t there a fun, cheeky, punk rock alternative to the boring bottles gathering dust in your grandmother’s pantry?

“I’m not interested in wine drinkers. Wine drinkers are a lost cause to me.” That’s Adam Vourvoulis, creator of Vin de California. A Los Angeles based wine label free from pretentious vibes. Vourvoulis is knocking the wine world off its pedestal and bringing it back down to earth and into the coffee mugs and Solo cups of anyone who’s ever been intimidated by the grape, noble or otherwise.

We’re on board with Vin De California’s mission to bring wine back to the cool kids, the ones pregaming before going to see the Misfits latest terrible reunion, the mom with a nose ring who needs a little encouragement to get through a mandatory PTA meeting, and the dude who just likes to sip a nice Zinfandel with a cup of ramen noodles.

This isn’t just Adam, though, it’s a collaboration between Marissa Ross and Adam. Marissa Ross is the founder of Wine. All The Time, a wine editor at Bon Appetit, and she’s the author of Wine All The Time: The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking.

We had such a blast printing this collection, on our buttery soft Bella Canvas 3413 Tri-Blend Unisex Tees for his Gamay and Chianti webstore release. These are the t-shirts that become someone’s favorite immediately. Printed with our Premium Standard Soft Hand, using thinned plastisol and metallic inks, printed with the finest touch so the design is a whisper soft statement that pops.

Check out Vin De California, Marissa, and Adam online at, on Instagram @natural_whine, and give a listen to their podcast Natural Disasters with Marissa and Adam.