Direct to Garment (DTG) Artwork File Preparation for T-Shirt Printing

Level Press Transcript of the Tutorial Video:

Today we’re going to be showing you how to prep artwork for DTG printing.

DTG that’s direct-to-garment, basically like an inkjet printer for t-shirts, we use a lot for photographic images like the one we’ve got here. Now, to start off we’re going to make sure we’re in the right color mode, just go up to the top, select image mode, RGB color amd we’ve got that set so that’s good.

Now you want to be an RGB mode because it’s a little bit easier to work in, you can choose more colors, there’s a lot of the filters and effects just work in RGB and sometimes they don’t work in CMYK that way.

To get the image prepped we’re gonna go to image make sure it’s the right size, ten inches that seems about perfect, but maybe we’re doing these on smaller shirts, maybe we’re doing on tank tops, why don’t we just take it down to 9.5” just to show you how to do it. You can just type it in there your resolution really between 200 and 300 is what you want. This is at 300 so that’s perfect.

I’m going to click OK shrinks it down just a little bit now if you need to make any adjustments go up to image adjustments you can choose your levels your saturation your vibrancy anything along those lines that’s going to change the way the image appears so just get those out of the way edit the image however you need and then once it looks good we can go to the final step that’s going to adjustments then we’re going to go to levels let’s see we’ve got the preset at default that’s good the channel is RGB and that’s the color mode working in so that’s great the only thing we’re going to change is right here we’re going to take it down to 254 and then on the output levels 255 becomes 254 click OK and that’s it.

You’ve got a print ready image. I would recommend saving this as a PNG, because the files are usually smaller, and our printer works very well with them.

Spot Color Preparation for T-Shirt Printing Graphics

Level Press Transcript of the Tutorial Video:

Today we’re going to be teaching you about Spot Colors and Pantone Colors

We’re going to be using Spot Colors here just to get our artwork set-up and so there’s absolutely no confusion about what color ink you want printed on your design.

We already have our vector artwork, this is the file from the vector artwork tutorial earlier so you can use that for practice if you’d like, I’m going up here to Outlines to show you that it is outlined, and it is a vector file so we can edit it, we can change colors, we can change sizes, anything good like that.

When we go over to Swatches here it’s set to black, just the default black CMYK spot color and that’s not what we want, so we’re gonna go down here to this little library click on that, go to Color Books and you see all the Pantones listed here. There’s quite a few but just to keep it simple we usually go with Pantone Plus Solid Coated or Uncoated. You can use either one depending on what kind of ink you’re using (Plastisol or Waterbased), and what kind of look you’re looking for.

You can use this little search bar at the top to type in the numbers if you know them, you can also look around, or type in colors and sometimes they come up. Like, we’ve got “black: typed in here and it shows several different black option. We’re gonna do these in a nice pink 807, see that looks pretty cool, and these are all spot colors – you can tell by the corner at the bottom right corner, it shows that white triangle with a little black circle in it. We know that we’re using spot colors because when I go to print and output it shows the Pantone I’ve selected, down here at the bottom, you can see that it shows that we’ve picked the Pantone, all the artwork is set up that way and it’s going to be printed that way. So, pretty simple, have fun, pick out whichever color you’d like and if you’ve got any questions, just leave them in the comments. Thanks so much.

Create Vector Artwork from Rasterized Images for T-Shirt Printing Graphics

Level Press Transcript of the Tutorial Video:

In today’s tutorial we’re gonna be showing you how to take rasterized artwork usually a jpg or photo something along those lines, it could be a PNG or it could be anything and we’re gonna turn it into vectorized artwork.

Vector artwork is what we prefer here because you can scale it and it doesn’t lose any loss of quality, and you can easily edit it. So I’m placing the image in here right now, it’s just a PNG file, a typical raster file, and I’m getting it centered on the artboard, you can use that with the Align tool, now the first thing I’m going to do now that I have the artwork placed, is Copy it drag it over here you can do that with Control C and Control V, or you can go up to your edit menu. Now, I just click on the original, I’m gonna go to the top here for this little pulldown menu which shows the image trace options for live trace and I’m choosing black and white because this is a black and white image. Once I do that it’s going to go ahead and trace it you’ll see a little dialog box come up and then I click on expand and you can see the full vector outlines.

I go into outline mode here just to make sure that it worked and you get to see the outline the frame of the vectors compared to the rasterized work next to it.

Now, since we have our vectorized artwork with one color, we can change it really easy just by clicking on the swatches over here – if you are having any trouble editing your image maybe that’s a problem maybe it was a rasterized image and you just need to do this to trace it to vector.  You’ll be able to make it really tiny, like let’s say you’re making business cards or make it really big like you’re making a billboard and it’s going to keep that same level of image quality nice clean vectorized lines so you won’t have any pixels, you won’t have any frayed edges, or anything blurring – it’s just going to be a solid block of color. It’s one of the artwork formats we prefer here at Level Press, just vectorized artwork in a PDF, AI, or EPS, and it’s pretty easy to do if you have a simple image.


How to Outline Fonts in Illustrator for T-Shirt Printing Graphics

Level Press Transcript of the Tutorial Video:

Today we’re going to be showing you how to outline type. This is a good lesson to know because if you’re using a font that we don’t have downloaded on our computers, it might not show up right when we open up the artwork file.

So I’m going to show you here’s we’re just going to type out you know some basic lettering we’re using a sign painter font that we downloaded from You might go to a similar place, but if we send this to somebody and they don’t have that same font downloaded it’s not going to show up right. I’m going into outline mode here to show you that the font is not outlined, and it’s something that we can still edit and type with, and this looks good so we’re going to go with it.

I’m copying it just to show you the difference between the two, you’re going to center these here on the artboard, I’m clicking on the type in that text box and I go up to Type and then Create Outlines and that’s pretty much it. I’ll go to Outline again up here just to show you can see the lines around the lettering that shows it’s been outlined correctly, this one at the bottom still has the lines underneath the lettering so you can do some edits if you need to.

That’s pretty much it, if you’re going to send a artwork file with a font in it just make sure you outline all the lettering before we get it. Thanks so much, and if you have any questions just leave them in the comments.

Custom Embroidered Patches for Bands, Brands and Artists

Stand out with stylish and affordable custom embroidered patches

We love embroidered patches, and we specialize in them. We produce top-quality custom labels, in a variety of styles, including: Iron-On, Velcro, Peel and Stick, and additional backing options.

Save time and money by using embroidered patches, instead of direct to garment embroidery. We love using these patches on hats, polos, and jackets!

This is a versatile and affordable embroidery option, that can be used for almost all designs. We offer custom shapes, and a near limitless supply of colors.


Custom Screenprinted Basketball Hoops and Balls

Screenprinting Customized Basketball Hoops and Balls for your brand


It’s really that simple. Our customers come to us with fantastic ideas, they want their logo screen printed, they want it embroidered, and they want it on unique items. Items as unique as your brand and audience. We specialize in that — Got an idea? We love to help our clients, we love to provide solutions, and we love to use our expert printing knowledge to make something truly special.

Our first run of basketball hoops was a resounding success. We’re able to print on the backboard in multiple colors, and 1 color imprints on orange basketballs. These are fun, office sized backbaords with a drill hole for easy installation.

Give a call to a Level Press Customer Care Expert today to get the full low-down on your new favorite merch options.

Tiger Belly Podcast with Bobby Lee Online Shop Merchandise Printing

Printing Merchandise for the Tiger Belly Podcast with Bobby Lee

Tiger Belly is a no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. Every Wednesday on iTunes and all podcast platforms.

Tiger Belly is one of our favorite clients, with bright retro inspired designs using bold illustrations of Bobby, Khaylya and Gilbert. Their latest line for the July 2018 online merch drop invokes memories of Miami Vice with their 80s Trio design, using halftoned images and incredibly bright pop colors on our softest Bella Canvas 3001 blanks.

We’ve also brought back the incredibly popular Slept King, printed using our Standard Premium Plastisol Inks for bright colors that last wash after wash.

Shirts are great, but what about a fun extra you can use every day and show off at the office? Absolutely — For this round, we designed and printed these amazing coffee mugs, with a black matte outside and a glossy lime interior featuring a beautiful 2 color print on the outside to show off your dedication to the papaya!

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(photos c/o Tiger Belly)

Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper. You probably don’t think about it too much – Imagine tissue paper, you’re probably picturing, if anything, just white, flimsy nothing, used in packages you get from Amazon and throw out the door. Yeah, we thought that too, then we realized there’s an opportunity there.

Custom Printed Tissue Paper! Why not advertise beyond the t-shirt, beyond the custom size tags, and stickers you throw in with an online order? Show them you mean business with your business, with fully customizable tissue paper for packing those beautiful t-shirts you’ve poured your heart and soul into.

We normally do 1 or 2 color prints on 20″ by 30″ paper in quantities of the thousandth (1000, 2000, 5000+) and it’s a very affordable, long-lasting touch that takes you from online t-shirt retailer to PROFESSIONAL online t-shirt retailer.

Give us a call today to get started on your fully customized screenprinted tissue paper, one of our Level Press Customer Care Experts will be happy to assist you.

Screenprinted and Embroidered Dickies Pants

Shirts! T-Shirts, Long Sleeeves, Hoodies — We talk about shirts CONSTANTLY here at Level Press, and with good reason, our expert printing staff has a combined 20+ years printing experience, working with all types of inks, garments and artwork. We’re proud of our shirt work, but hey, we can’t just be walking around looking like Winnie the Pooh all the time, sometimes ya gotta have pants!

That’s right, screenprinted or embroidered pants. We do both, and we do both well. Add some professional flash and flare to your brand and your online shop with our PPP (Professional Pants Printing) – We can get most styles of pants, but prefer printing on Dickies, and find ourselves partial to the classic Dickies Work Pants. It’s a wardrobe stable, and looks great with a casual oversized t-shirt, from Alstyle or Comfort Colors.

We use our Standard Premium Plastisol for colors that pop and last wash after wash for our screenprinted pants, and our Embroidery Department has the equipment needed for custom logos and lettering on all styles of pants, with the highest quality threads built for durability.

So, think outside the shirt, and start completing your fanbases wardrobe with some customized, comfortable, and classic pants.

Give us a call to speak to a friendly and professional Level Press Customer Care Expert, and get to struttin’ in those customized Dickies!

Sim-Process Printing Style

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Sim-Process” printing getting thrown around lately and you’re unsure what exactly it is – Fear not, we’re here to explain the amazing process in simple terms so printing novices can understand and start to utilize Sim-Process in order to get the best printing process for their artwork.

Simply put, Sim-Process printing is a full color printing technique that utilizes multiple colors of ink to “simulate” a photo-realistic print with fine detail.

We take your finalized artwork and separate it into different basic spot colors (Red, Green, Blue, etc) and each color is printed in different halftone patterns. The inks are printed in a specific order, with a refined touch, and after a few layers of color your garment is left with a beautiful photo-realistic print.

Sim-Process is our preferred printing method for photographs, gradients, artwork with more than 7 or 8 colors, and all photo-realistic artwork.

We’re able to print Sim-Process using our Standard Premium Plastisol, Waterbased Inks, or Discharge. Each ink has their own distinct advantage, such as Plastisols eye-popping colors, Waterbased’s barely there feel, or Discharge’s unique vintage look. We’ll help you choose which one will best fit your garments, your artwork, and your brand.

Call a friendly Level Press Customer Care Expert today to get started on your expertly printed Sim-Process merch!

brockhampton-golf-cart-sim-process brockhampton-jennifer-tour-sim-process brockhampton-prom-el-rey-sim-process brockhampton-rainbow-sim-process brockhampton-sim-process holiday-brand-frog-sim-process holiday-brand-marcy-playground-sim-process