Heaven Industries – Eric Briones Interview

A Dozen Answers is a recurring column at Level Press where we interview our best and brightest clients with 12 simple to not-so-simple questions and they give us their uncensored, raw answers. This is A Dozen Answers with Eric Briones, creator of the brand Heaven Industries.
why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because i want to be a voice for people and show them they can do whatever they want to do
tell me where ideas come from.
My ideas come from my head, me brainstorming with my friends, and also from the many things that inspire me in my everyday life
what’s your favorite color combo?
White and black
Don’t do anything because other people are doing it and you think that will make you cool
what’s your favorite place on the internet?
what materials do you work with?
I mostly work with 100% cotton garments
where do you hang out in Los Angeles?
I hangout in downtown or in beverly hills
what’s a mistake you’ve made?
Not looking at my options and going with the first one ive seen
where are you from and what did you take from there?
Im from Fontana and I appreciate it not being as crazy and hectic as LA
tell me about love?
Love is amazing
where do you see yourself in 15 years?
In 15 years ill be 35 and most likely with kids and where i want to be with my life
what’s your average work day like?
I work throughout the whole day on my brand
Check out heaven industries 

Holiday Brand Favorites with Nick Lenzini

Nick Lenzini is the mastermind behind the brand Holiday, a wildly popular Los Angeles-based streetwear line inspired by the 90s, by music, and by anything else Nick dreams up.

You may know Nick as the stylist and merch guy for Brockhampton, which would be more than a full-time gig for most, but Nick isn’t like most people. Holiday is his band and his identity. Holiday is based around the concept of releasing a new line of limited edition streetwear items (and much more) every major Holiday.

These are some of our favorite prints showcasing Plastisol Inks, Waterbased Inks, DTG Printing, Sim-Process Printing, and our Finishing Services, with some of our favorite blanks of all-time, like Comfort Colors, Independent, and more.

Brockhampton Limited Edition El Rey Prom Merch

Brockhampton created history last December by selling out the El Rey in Los Angeles 3 nights in a row. It was a wild goal, met with vivid enthusiasm from fans, who greeted the group coming off their incredibly successfull Love Your Parents tour.

Not satisfied with just offering their fans killer performances, they stepped it up and designed El Rey exclusive merchandise, including a Prom T-Shirt and Hoodie, and Sold Out El Rey Long Sleeve T-Shirt. These blanks were hand-inspected by members of the band to ensure they meet their standards of quality.

The Sold Out Long Sleeve used Simulated Process (Sim Process) printing to create the photographic quality right chest, to go along with a 2 color pocket print, a 1 color sleeve, and custom size tags.

The Prom T-Shirt and Hoodie also used Sim-Process printing for a photographic quality center chest, recreating the photo provided perfectly.

These items, in keeping with the El Rey theme, sold out almost immediately.

Were you lucky enough to cop one, both, or even all 3? We hope so, because these are some of the hardest to find Brockhampton collectors items and will surely get even more sought-after as the band continues to rise to the top.

brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-1 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-3 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-4 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-5 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-t-shirt-1 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-t-shirt-2 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-t-shirt-4

Brockhampton Love Your Parents Tour Merch

In January 2018, Brockhampton embarked on their most ambitious tour to date, the Love Your Parents tour, featuring exclusive artwork including intimate family photos and personal designs as a collaborative effort with all members of the band.

This was a 3 month tour lasting through March, beginning in Dallas, up to Canada, and back, with two sold-out encores in Phoenix.These would have been very challenging prints for any ordinary print shop, luckily, our production team and printing crew has a combined 30+ years of processing artwork for simulated process, a technique that utilizes multiple color inks to recreate full color, photographic quality images.

This line pushed the limits for Brockhampton, including 19 different designs, custom sewn hoodies where we took the Forest Green hoods from blanks and fashioned them to Black hoodies for a Frankenstein effects (this was an exclusive item to members of the band and personnel only), t-shirt, long sleeves, pullover hoodies, fleece blankets, drawstring bags and much more.

Here are some shots of a few of our favorites:

brockhampton-merch brockhampton-couch-logo-hoodie-merch

Brockhampton Spring/Summer 2018 Collection “Gay”

If you’ve been living under a rock, Brockhampton is the first Internet Boy Band, as seen on Viceland – A California hip-hop collective headed by Kevin Abstract, most known for their albums Saturation I, II, and III. You can see them this week at the Novo in Los Angeles, and next weekend at Coachella.

To hype up the shows, Brockhampton is dropping a TON of new merch for their rabid fanbase, printed right here in DTLA by the expert artists at Level Press. Here’s the official Brockhampton GAY line for Spring/Summer 2018

Portraits (Premium Standard Soft Hand Printing, Heavyweight 6.1oz Athletic Fit 100% Cotton Shirt)

Team Effort Polo

Custom Woven Tube Socks

Stop Sign (Simulated Process Printing)

Team Effort Hoodie with oversized Doodle Sleeve Artwork

Debossed Journal with Brockhampton Couch Logo

Saturation Trilogy Embroidered T-Shirt

Gay Script Embroidered Backpack

Texas Forever (Premium Standard Soft Hand Printing)

Brockhampton Doodle Nalgene Bottles

Rainbow (Simulated Process Printing)

Nalgene Bottle w/ Custom Color and Lid with 1 Color Imprint

Power Crewneck (4 Color Print)

Brockhampton Records

BROCKSYNC (Direct to Garment Printing)

Billy Star (Simulated Process Printing Chest)

Dodger Flip, Billy Star, All-American Boyband

Gay Script

Vintage Ringer hand printed with Willy Willy artwork

All-American Boyband (Premium Standard Soft Hand Printing)

BROCKSYNC (Direct to Garment Printi

…and so much more.

The first run of items sold out in 14 minutes. What can we do for your band? This run included it all: Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Crewneck Sweatshirts, Pullover Hoodies, Anorak Jackets, Nalgene Bottles, Tube Socks, Debossed Journals, Dad Caps, Polo Shirts, Champion Athletic Shorts, Backpacks, Embroidered Patches, and more.

Keep your eyes on https://shop.brckhmptn.com/ for the next limited restock, and check out Brockhampton’s latest video for their hit single “Star” and keep checking back with Level Press right here and on Instagram to see even more merch from your favorite bands before it drops.

— The Crew @ Level Press