Robbie Blumpkin visits Level Press

March 9th, 2018

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We had Robbie Blumpkin skated by our shop today for a quick visit. We showed him the ways of the press so he can make his own killer swag. He taught us a few cool tricks as well like puffing out the perfect vape puff. Man, this dude is so rad and wise. He lives by the philosophy of Supdawgie. Treat everyone like a kick ass dawgie that you just want to pet. Because life is to short to be like jerk to your fellow dudes. You know what I mean. Like dude come on, be cool. Robbie couldn’t stay long. He skated off into the sunset, like a puff a vape he was gone. Not before taking a gnarly trip and hitting the pavement like wicked hard. But that Blumpkin is rebellious. Live Long and Hard my Friend.

Make sure to caught the Instagram celebrities latest antics on his feed hereĀ @robbieblumpkin





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