Spot Color Preparation for T-Shirt Printing Graphics

Level Press Transcript of the Tutorial Video:

Today we’re going to be teaching you about Spot Colors and Pantone Colors

We’re going to be using Spot Colors here just to get our artwork set-up and so there’s absolutely no confusion about what color ink you want printed on your design.

We already have our vector artwork, this is the file from the vector artwork tutorial earlier so you can use that for practice if you’d like, I’m going up here to Outlines to show you that it is outlined, and it is a vector file so we can edit it, we can change colors, we can change sizes, anything good like that.

When we go over to Swatches here it’s set to black, just the default black CMYK spot color and that’s not what we want, so we’re gonna go down here to this little library click on that, go to Color Books and you see all the Pantones listed here. There’s quite a few but just to keep it simple we usually go with Pantone Plus Solid Coated or Uncoated. You can use either one depending on what kind of ink you’re using (Plastisol or Waterbased), and what kind of look you’re looking for.

You can use this little search bar at the top to type in the numbers if you know them, you can also look around, or type in colors and sometimes they come up. Like, we’ve got “black: typed in here and it shows several different black option. We’re gonna do these in a nice pink 807, see that looks pretty cool, and these are all spot colors – you can tell by the corner at the bottom right corner, it shows that white triangle with a little black circle in it. We know that we’re using spot colors because when I go to print and output it shows the Pantone I’ve selected, down here at the bottom, you can see that it shows that we’ve picked the Pantone, all the artwork is set up that way and it’s going to be printed that way. So, pretty simple, have fun, pick out whichever color you’d like and if you’ve got any questions, just leave them in the comments. Thanks so much.

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