Sim-Process Printing Style

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Sim-Process” printing getting thrown around lately and you’re unsure what exactly it is – Fear not, we’re here to explain the amazing process in simple terms so printing novices can understand and start to utilize Sim-Process in order to get the best printing process for their artwork.

Simply put, Sim-Process printing is a full color printing technique that utilizes multiple colors of ink to “simulate” a photo-realistic print with fine detail.

We take your finalized artwork and separate it into different basic spot colors (Red, Green, Blue, etc) and each color is printed in different halftone patterns. The inks are printed in a specific order, with a refined touch, and after a few layers of color your garment is left with a beautiful photo-realistic print.

Sim-Process is our preferred printing method for photographs, gradients, artwork with more than 7 or 8 colors, and all photo-realistic artwork.

We’re able to print Sim-Process using our Standard Premium Plastisol, Waterbased Inks, or Discharge. Each ink has their own distinct advantage, such as Plastisols eye-popping colors, Waterbased’s barely there feel, or Discharge’s unique vintage look. We’ll help you choose which one will best fit your garments, your artwork, and your brand.

Call a friendly Level Press Customer Care Expert today to get started on your expertly printed Sim-Process merch!

brockhampton-golf-cart-sim-process brockhampton-jennifer-tour-sim-process brockhampton-prom-el-rey-sim-process brockhampton-rainbow-sim-process brockhampton-sim-process holiday-brand-frog-sim-process holiday-brand-marcy-playground-sim-process 

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