Printing with Plastisol Inks

level press plastisol inksSometimes clients cringe a little when they hear Plastisol – We get it! The old way of printing with Plastisol was cumbersome and thick, resulting in heavy feeling prints. But we’re going to make a bold statement, we LOVE Plastisol, and a big reason for that is because we know how to use it.

Plastisol does not have to be thick or heavy. You’ve just gotta know how to use it, and with a combined 20+ years of printing experience in the Level Press Printing Factories, we’re well equipped to make your Plastisol prints with that bright and colorful Plastisol Pop but with a soft vintage feel.¬†One of the quickest ways to soften your Plastisol ink is to use a product that’s meant to achieve the task. There are soft-hand additives that are manufacturer specifically for the job, or you can thin your ink out with a reducer, but we also utilize a Soft-Hand Printing Technique, by our expert printers for that barely-there feel.

A whisper on a t-shirt. An old favorite. A bold favorite. Those are just a few of the reviews our Plastisol prints have gotten.

So what are the benefits of using plastisol?

  • Plastisol Inks create BOLD and VIVID Prints
  • Plastisol Inks don’t dry out during the printing process, resulting in costly adjustments and delays in your production
  • MODIFICATIONS! Reducers for vintage feel. Glitter for a sparkling touch. Suede for a truly unique print. Level Press Plastisols do it all.
  • Quick Printing — Wet on Wet, Underbases, Flash Cured Underbases. Plastisol is made for the busy printer (us!)
  • Environmentally Friendly and Easy Disposal!

Call a friendly Level Press Customer Care Specialist today to get started with your Plastisol Printing Experts.

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