Pizzanista x Level Press

Brothers Marshall x Pizzanista

Here at Level press we are big fans of both pizza and surfing so when two of the best from each sector meet in the middle here is the result. Our friends down at Pizzanista never stop dropping dope collaborations and we are stoked to be involved in the printing process for their drop with LA based surf brand Brothers Marshall. The box features a two color design screen-printed in the highest quality water-based permaset inks for vibrant colors and a smooth feel. If your not familiar with Pizzanista we suggest you get familiar not only because of their roots in the surfing/skateboarding community but their pizza shreds just as much as a shark with a mullet. Just following them on instagram keeps us salivating over here at the shop. They do everything the old fashioned way: in-house & by hand

They use locally-grown produce, and humanely-raised meats & eggs whenever possible which is most definitely a plus considering the multitude of factory made dreck available these days. Located in the heart of the Los Angeles arts district its no surprise they keep dropping the freshest pizza boxes in the game. Now if I’m not mistaken its time for some f%&cking lunch, and we out.

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