Level Press Customs | Woven Socks

You’ve done t-shirts, you’re killing the hoodie game, long sleeves are flying out the door — but you want something unique. You want something that can be worn with everything, something that just feels nice, and makes a statement — Look no further, than Level Press customized Woven Socks.

We offer the premiere standard in customized socks, featuring logos, text, and full color designs. Fully customization, no-show, ankle socks, tube socks, and more.

Each sock is carefully created to your exact specifications and woven with state of the art machines that match finely detailed artwork.

Don’t be left behind on the newest, hottest ticket custom merch in town. Trust Level Press to spice up your merch table, and put a spring in your step.

Here are just a few of our favorites we’ve produced in the last few months:


level-press-custom-socks-black-couch level-press-custom-socks-brockhampton level-press-custom-socks-brockhampton-gay level-press-custom-socks-couch level-press-custom-socks-doodle level-press-custom-socks-earth level-press-custom-socks-holiday level-press-custom-socks-seinfeld level-press-custom-socks-seinfeld-dingo

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