Heaven Industries – Eric Briones Interview

A Dozen Answers is a recurring column at Level Press where we interview our best and brightest clients with 12 simple to not-so-simple questions and they give us their uncensored, raw answers. This is A Dozen Answers with Eric Briones, creator of the brand Heaven Industries.
why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because i want to be a voice for people and show them they can do whatever they want to do
tell me where ideas come from.
My ideas come from my head, me brainstorming with my friends, and also from the many things that inspire me in my everyday life
what’s your favorite color combo?
White and black
Don’t do anything because other people are doing it and you think that will make you cool
what’s your favorite place on the internet?
what materials do you work with?
I mostly work with 100% cotton garments
where do you hang out in Los Angeles?
I hangout in downtown or in beverly hills
what’s a mistake you’ve made?
Not looking at my options and going with the first one ive seen
where are you from and what did you take from there?
Im from Fontana and I appreciate it not being as crazy and hectic as LA
tell me about love?
Love is amazing
where do you see yourself in 15 years?
In 15 years ill be 35 and most likely with kids and where i want to be with my life
what’s your average work day like?
I work throughout the whole day on my brand
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