Direct to Garment (DTG) Artwork File Preparation for T-Shirt Printing

Level Press Transcript of the Tutorial Video:

Today we’re going to be showing you how to prep artwork for DTG printing.

DTG that’s direct-to-garment, basically like an inkjet printer for t-shirts, we use a lot for photographic images like the one we’ve got here. Now, to start off we’re going to make sure we’re in the right color mode, just go up to the top, select image mode, RGB color amd we’ve got that set so that’s good.

Now you want to be an RGB mode because it’s a little bit easier to work in, you can choose more colors, there’s a lot of the filters and effects just work in RGB and sometimes they don’t work in CMYK that way.

To get the image prepped we’re gonna go to image make sure it’s the right size, ten inches that seems about perfect, but maybe we’re doing these on smaller shirts, maybe we’re doing on tank tops, why don’t we just take it down to 9.5” just to show you how to do it. You can just type it in there your resolution really between 200 and 300 is what you want. This is at 300 so that’s perfect.

I’m going to click OK shrinks it down just a little bit now if you need to make any adjustments go up to image adjustments you can choose your levels your saturation your vibrancy anything along those lines that’s going to change the way the image appears so just get those out of the way edit the image however you need and then once it looks good we can go to the final step that’s going to adjustments then we’re going to go to levels let’s see we’ve got the preset at default that’s good the channel is RGB and that’s the color mode working in so that’s great the only thing we’re going to change is right here we’re going to take it down to 254 and then on the output levels 255 becomes 254 click OK and that’s it.

You’ve got a print ready image. I would recommend saving this as a PNG, because the files are usually smaller, and our printer works very well with them.

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