Create Vector Artwork from Rasterized Images for T-Shirt Printing Graphics

Level Press Transcript of the Tutorial Video:

In today’s tutorial we’re gonna be showing you how to take rasterized artwork usually a jpg or photo something along those lines, it could be a PNG or it could be anything and we’re gonna turn it into vectorized artwork.

Vector artwork is what we prefer here because you can scale it and it doesn’t lose any loss of quality, and you can easily edit it. So I’m placing the image in here right now, it’s just a PNG file, a typical raster file, and I’m getting it centered on the artboard, you can use that with the Align tool, now the first thing I’m going to do now that I have the artwork placed, is Copy it drag it over here you can do that with Control C and Control V, or you can go up to your edit menu. Now, I just click on the original, I’m gonna go to the top here for this little pulldown menu which shows the image trace options for live trace and I’m choosing black and white because this is a black and white image. Once I do that it’s going to go ahead and trace it you’ll see a little dialog box come up and then I click on expand and you can see the full vector outlines.

I go into outline mode here just to make sure that it worked and you get to see the outline the frame of the vectors compared to the rasterized work next to it.

Now, since we have our vectorized artwork with one color, we can change it really easy just by clicking on the swatches over here – if you are having any trouble editing your image maybe that’s a problem maybe it was a rasterized image and you just need to do this to trace it to vector.  You’ll be able to make it really tiny, like let’s say you’re making business cards or make it really big like you’re making a billboard and it’s going to keep that same level of image quality nice clean vectorized lines so you won’t have any pixels, you won’t have any frayed edges, or anything blurring – it’s just going to be a solid block of color. It’s one of the artwork formats we prefer here at Level Press, just vectorized artwork in a PDF, AI, or EPS, and it’s pretty easy to do if you have a simple image.


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