Premium Standard

Our standard default printing style is Premium Standard. We use a discharge underbase with soft hand Plastisol inks on top, this allows your design to pop off the shirts with bright, vibrant colors, and it gets softer after each wash. Our default is the premium at most other print shops, therefore, “Premium Standard” is the Level Press standard.


Discharge Printing

Discharge printing is the process of bleaching the dye out of the shirt, leaving its natural color showing through (usually a tan color). We can also PMS match discharge ink, however results vary depending on shirt color & brand. The only major downside with this kind of apparel printing is that you must wash the shirts before they take their “no feel” state. How do we know that – we have been working with discharge inks for over 10 years now!

What is Discharge Printing?

Discharge printing is the process of using water-based inks to bleach the manufacturer’s dye out of a shirt and replacing it with whatever dye color you choose. This kind of screen printing is done with water-based inks that soak into the fabric, instead of just sitting on top of it. Typically this is done with cotton tees that are black, gray or darker in color.


Discharge Printing Advantages

There are a few great advantages to choosing discharge printing for your custom apparel printing, such as a much softer look and feel, a lighter weight feel for larger designs, vibrant colors that pop, and the ability to print much finer detail.


Any downside to Discharge Printing?
With the Discharge Printing process, you’ll have to wash the shirts before they have that “no feel” feel, and not all colors will discharge. Our team of professionals will be happy to consult with you to determine the best printing method.


Waterbased Printing

Waterbased printing uses soft, breathable inks that result in super soft no-feel prints on white and light garments. It can also be used on dark garments for a faded or vintage look.


Sim-Process and CMYK Printing

This is the print style that you will want to use when you have a full color design or a photograph. We are huge fans of Simulated Process Printing in these situations, versus CMYK. We know that we can get better results every time with Simulated Process. But every design is unique, so it’s best that you show your Customer Account Specialist the artwork and they can tell you the best way to print it!


What is the difference between CMYK and Simulated Process printing?


CMYK printing uses only 4 colors to achieve your photorealistic image (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). This process is typically performed on white or light colored garments and will not produce prints with a high amount of color detail.


Simulated Process printing goes above and beyond Four Color Process by blending in standard spot colors to achieve high amounts of photorealistic detail. This process works well on both light and dark colored garments.


How do I know which process to use with my unique artwork?

Don’t worry, let us decide! We’re experts in this category and want you to have the best experience and the best product possible. Our Customer Account Specialists are trained to determine the best method of printing for your unique design.


Are there any fees or restrictions with Sim-Process Printing?

Sim-Printing is a complicated process for use with highly detailed artwork, because of this, there are restrictions and additional fees with these orders.


The following fees and restrictions apply:


  • Setup Fee: $35 per hour to separate the colors in your artwork. We can give you accurate estimates on design-time and artwork fees for your custom job.


  • Minimum Quantity: There is a 100 item minimum for any Sim-Process Printing Job.


  • Loss of Detail: Some detail and vibrancy of color will be lost from the original artwork.