Hang Tags, Woven Labels & Additional Services

The fine details that make yours shirts YOURS. Instantly add another level of polish to your brand.


Tag Removal & Printing

When printing inside care labels inside a garment, sometimes the image that is being printed can show thru the garment to the back of the garment (more with lighter colored garments). We take all precautions necessary to not make this happen, but sometimes its inevitable. A dense image that uses more ink used to be printed has a higher chance of showing through. If printing on light garments, its best to keep artwork light and non-detailed to avoid this completely. Also, when trying to print an image on the top center back of a shirt, which is the same place the tag print is located (opposite sides of the shirt), those graphics can conflict and show thru on each other, making it difficult to read each of them. Keep this in mind when organizing the placements of artwork. We only offer tag printing in one ink color per order run for all designs and garments, and by default, tags are printed in a Medium Grey, that we lighten or darken for visibility depending on the garment.


ATTENTION: By law all printed tags are required to list Country of Origin and Fabric. If you are printing on multiple brands and fabrics, additional tag files will be needed. See the Federal Wool & Trade Act for more information.


Some garments contain heat-pressed tags which cannot be removed, and we recommend against printing over them. We will advise if your chosen blank is eligible for tag printing.


Sewn Tags

Stand out with a high-quality custom tag sewn into the shirt. These can be on the neck as use for a size tag, or on the hem of the sleeve, or bottom of the shirt.


We kindly request an additional 10% surplus of size-tags for our clients, to account for any loss, error or manufacturer defects on our end.


Folding & Bagging

Let us fold and bag your shirts for you for a nice professional touch. This helps keeps your shirts organized and clean. We also apply a size sticker onto each bag so you know what size is inside.


Hang Tags

Add that extra touch to your retail-ready products with hang-tags, which can be used for labeling, sizing, and promotion.