Weekly Gem No.3


This photograph was found at an estate sale in Beverly Hills for a property owned by the late Sir. Carlos Joshua, most known for his steamy Hollywood scandals published in tabloids during the 70’s. We do not know who shot this picture, but we do know that this is quite a cool image. Hope you like it too and share it around. 

Weekly Gem No.3

Sometimes in life you come across an object that takes your breath away. This week that object came in the form of an incense holder. A curious piglet sitting on leaf gazing at the smoke of a lit incense stick. Discovered at King’s Bargain in Los Angeles, California. 

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Weekly Gem No.2

We found this gem at the Salvation Army in Harvard Heights. It’s a German design magazine called High Quality. This issue is from 1990 and has some great images inside. We selected a few pages to scan and share.  Check it out.




Weekly Gem

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One cool find on our blog every week. This week a Mr.Clean all over print! 

Level Press is always keeping an eye out for unique things. We found this button-up shirt at a Goodwill in San Pedro, CA. We hope you like it and share it around. Stay tuned for more Weekly Gems in the future. If you any questions contact us here!