Brockhampton Limited Edition El Rey Prom Merch

Brockhampton created history last December by selling out the El Rey in Los Angeles 3 nights in a row. It was a wild goal, met with vivid enthusiasm from fans, who greeted the group coming off their incredibly successfull Love Your Parents tour.

Not satisfied with just offering their fans killer performances, they stepped it up and designed El Rey exclusive merchandise, including a Prom T-Shirt and Hoodie, and Sold Out El Rey Long Sleeve T-Shirt. These blanks were hand-inspected by members of the band to ensure they meet their standards of quality.

The Sold Out Long Sleeve used Simulated Process (Sim Process) printing to create the photographic quality right chest, to go along with a 2 color pocket print, a 1 color sleeve, and custom size tags.

The Prom T-Shirt and Hoodie also used Sim-Process printing for a photographic quality center chest, recreating the photo provided perfectly.

These items, in keeping with the El Rey theme, sold out almost immediately.

Were you lucky enough to cop one, both, or even all 3? We hope so, because these are some of the hardest to find Brockhampton collectors items and will surely get even more sought-after as the band continues to rise to the top.

brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-1 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-3 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-4 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-long-sleeve-5 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-t-shirt-1 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-t-shirt-2 brockhampton-el-rey-prom-t-shirt-4

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