Band Merch T-Shirt Printing

Band merch is a great way for your crew to build buzz and be marketing non stop. Band shirts often become our favorite shirts and could possibly end up on eBay one day for $500. If you are a band and you don’t have merch, then you should get your act together. It’s been reported that merch sales are 15% of a bands revenues. Also, if you’re a jazz act more than likely it’s less than half a percent. But for rock, rap, and pop you’ve got to develop your merch and treat it like a side business to reap the rewards.

Here is a list of the bands that have trusted Level Press to print their apparel and merch in the past:

Ed Sharpe
30 Seconds
Bob Fogarty
Ray LaMontagne
The Bennies
Patty Griffin
The Rolling Stones

Printing merch is an out of pocket expense, but it’s absolutely necessary for your band to have printed shirts on high quality t-shirts. We can print very detailed graphics, photographs, illustrations in a soft style for a vintage feel or a bright bold fully opaque style for high visibility.

At Level Press we also have  full time in house graphic design team ready to assist you and your band with graphics creation and preparation. Contact us today and lets start printing your merch now.

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