Bootleg Gucci Shirts: Adam Vourvoulis x Marissa Ross Collaboration Launch for Vin de California

vdc-adam-vourvoulis-merchWine can be a stuffy business, with an air of snobbery and sophistication, it can scare away even the most vino-curious. Why isn’t there a fun, cheeky, punk rock alternative to the boring bottles gathering dust in your grandmother’s pantry?

“I’m not interested in wine drinkers. Wine drinkers are a lost cause to me.” That’s Adam Vourvoulis, creator of Vin de California. A Los Angeles based wine label free from pretentious vibes. Vourvoulis is knocking the wine world off its pedestal and bringing it back down to earth and into the coffee mugs and Solo cups of anyone who’s ever been intimidated by the grape, noble or otherwise.

We’re on board with Vin De California’s mission to bring wine back to the cool kids, the ones pregaming before going to see the Misfits latest terrible reunion, the mom with a nose ring who needs a little encouragement to get through a mandatory PTA meeting, and the dude who just likes to sip a nice Zinfandel with a cup of ramen noodles.

This isn’t just Adam, though, it’s a collaboration between Marissa Ross and Adam. Marissa Ross is the founder of Wine. All The Time, a wine editor at Bon Appetit, and she’s the author of Wine All The Time: The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking.

We had such a blast printing this collection, on our buttery soft Bella Canvas 3413 Tri-Blend Unisex Tees for his Gamay and Chianti webstore release. These are the t-shirts that become someone’s favorite immediately. Printed with our Premium Standard Soft Hand, using thinned plastisol and metallic inks, printed with the finest touch so the design is a whisper soft statement that pops.

Check out Vin De California, Marissa, and Adam online at, on Instagram @natural_whine, and give a listen to their podcast Natural Disasters with Marissa and Adam.





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