A Dozen Answers with Nick Lenzini (Holiday Brand)

A Dozen Answers with Nick Lenzini

A Dozen Answers is a recurring column at Level Press where we interview our best and brightest clients with 12 simple to not-so-simple questions and they give us their uncensored, raw answers. This is A Dozen Answers with Nick Lenzini (Holiday Brand)


Level Press: Why do you do what you do?

Nick Lenzini: cause i get a lot of joy from doing what i like to do


LP: Tell me where ideas come from.

NL: depends on what I’m working on. when I’m designing for holiday i get a lot of ideas from old stuff and past collections also from books and just my own thoughts. if I’m working for someone else or I’m styling a video the ideas come from conversation or movies. i love movies a lot


LP: What’s your favorite color combo?

NL: neon and black


LP: Don’ts?

NL: dont really have any

LP: What’s your favorite place on the internet?

NL: hmmm, i love youtube a lot, i watch a lot of interviews and old skate videos.


LP: What materials do you work with?

NL: i don’t know, i just work with whatever i can.

LP: Where do you hang out in Los Angeles?

NL: lol my house in van nuys, i don’t leave.


LP: What’s a mistake you’ve made?

NL: i think ive made too many to list also dont want to give my mistakes too much credit

LP: Where are you from and what did you take from there?

NL: saint louis, and guess bringing clothing to areas where the clothing is desolate. in saint louis there weren’t many options for clothes and weren’t many cool brands to buy so a lot of the power was in the internet. also this store called swedlife helped teach me a lot about clothes. i use to work for them, still great family though.


LP: Tell me about love?

NL: lol

LP: Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

NL: working on the best quality projects


LP: What’s your average work day like?

NL: its pretty hard to pick what average is, but ill try. as of late it has been this. wake up around 1-2 walk to starbucks, work on clothes and other projects till 8pm go on a run, come back to work on more clothes and styling till around 5-6am. then try and sleep for a little bit.

A huge thanks to Nick, and Holiday.

Be sure to check out http://holidaybrand.co every major holiday for a brand new custom streetwear line from Nick Lenzini, printed right here in DTLA at Level Press.



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