A Dozen Answers – For Love & Lemons w/ Naomi Spindel

We recently had the chance to catch up with fashion designer Naomi Spindel, one of the designers at For Love & Lemons. For Love & Lemons consistently sets the trend in womenswear and lingerie, their stylish and elegant designer filled us in on finding inspiration and self expression.

Why do you do what you do?
Clothing is a universal form of self expression, it thrills me to create unique pieces to better help people express/identify themselves.

Where do ideas come from?
Colors and textures, i.e. everything!

What’s your average workday like?
Wake up at 8am, make coffee, feed the pets, drive down Sunset Blvd in my convertible, emails, inspiration, sketching… usually a fitting at 1pm, fabric meetings, design meetings, afternoon dog walk, I usually get one last gusto of creativity from 5-7 at my desk (because the office finally gets quiet!)

What’s your favorite color combo?
Every season it changes… right now I’m loving green. Mustard. Lavender. Creme. Black.

Don’t do sloppy work- everything counts.

What’s your favorite place on the internet?
Google Images <3

What materials do you work with?
Lots of lace, embroideries, velvet burnouts, really loving this silk/spandex quality we’ve been using, it drapes well and the stretch lets us cut things skin tight but still comfy. We also use lots of floral appliqués, loop trims, pins, beads and sequins…

Where do you hang out in Los Angeles?
I live in Echo Park so I tend to stay in my neighborhood or head DTLA for art openings and performances. I also like to hike and go to the quieter beaches in Malibu in the summertime.

What’s a mistake you’ve made?
That’s a good question! I think sometimes I’m too hard on myself, I tend to work an extra hour here or there when it would be more beneficial to make it to a yoga class etc.

Where are you from and what did you take from there?
I’m like, totally, a Valley Girl thru n thru. It gave me a sweetness and a toughness you can’t really find anywhere else.

What is love?
Love is non-stop smiling ear to ear.

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
Designing a house, the furniture in it, the plates in the kitchen, and the clothing everyone wears in the house. I guess Frank Lloyd Wright already did this but I’d like to have a go at it too…



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