3 Reasons Why You Should Sponsor a Live Event

Sponsoring live events can be a lot of fun and incredibly informative for you business. Here’s what we learned at the last event we sponsored. 

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1 – If you chose to sponsor an event that’s in a field your passionate about, you’re automatically going to win no matter how many leads you generate or products you sell.

The event was for two days. My passion for live independent music made this decision very easy to make. Even if we didn’t generate any leads – which we did – we would get to see a couple killer up and coming bands for free – like Chicano Batman – and hang out with people who love music as much as we do.

That’s not a bad way to spend a day at the office.

2 – Live events get you instant real feedback on your concepts, products or services from the people that will use them. No matter what your company does, this feedback will help you. If you sell toilet paper, you’ll be certain to have a lot of people laugh at you for sponsoring an event. However, the amount of feedback you’ll get from people visiting you and talking about your product will change your concept of yourself and make you better and stronger.

At the Echo Park Rising event we demonstrated a new concept we are thinking of adding to our services – a virtual merch booth – so bands won’t have to worry about running out of merch. Because we’re making products for people to use, this event was perfect to test the idea. Talking to people about our idea and watching them use it provided great insight and helped us refine our idea much faster than waiting for user feedback online or from testimonials.

Even if you only talk to one person at your live event, which is highly unlikely, I guarantee that persons feedback will offer you valuable insight on some aspect of your business you are not thinking about.

3 – Sponsoring events will generate transactions for your business. If you have an app, sell soap, or you are an airline your presence as a sponsor at the event will gain you valuable new customers, sales and signups. The adage “80% of the job is showing up” is 100% true at live events and is enough to peak the curiosity of just about anyone that walks by your display or your booth.

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We attended Echo Park Rising for two days on Friday and Saturday. On Monday I opened my email in the morning and we had a new order from a local band that visited our booth on Saturday. And that was just one of the many connections we made at the event.

So if you can’t tell by now, I love the idea of event sponsorship. These are just 3 of the many reasons why I believe sponsoring an event is an incredible idea and could be done for free if you get creative and find a field you’re passionate about to sponsor.

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